Aims, Values and Ethos

We aim to provide the very best education for every child within our care which for us means that we want the children to achieve to the best of their ability, to be happy, confident members of their school and to develop a love of learning. We believe that children achieve their best when they are joyful learners, and only through recognising and nurturing their individual strengths and talents can a love of learning grow. Both schools are busy, happy places with wonderful learning opportunities for the children.

Alvanley Primary School and Manley Village School, are situated in adjacent villages, approximately one mile apart in the Cheshire countryside.  The schools federated in 2006. This means we share a governing body and a headteacher. The staff work closely together, whilst retaining the unique characteristics of the individual schools and their own communities. Children from each school work together where there is a 'social, educational or financial' benefit. Both schools have a tradition of teaching through a vibrant, creative curriculum and the provision of a wealth of enrichment experiences. Each school has a thriving parents / friends' association.

‘Federation enables us to extend the educational opportunities for children, staff and parents by sharing expertise, resources and friendships whilst keeping the unique characteristics of these two village schools, at the heart of their communities.’


Alvanley and Manley Village School

Junior Site: Manley Road, Alvanley, Cheshire,

Infant Site: Manley Road, Frodsham, Cheshire,

Tel: 01244 478021

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