What is e-safety ?

E-safety is a term which includes not only the internet, but also other methods that people use to communicate with electronic media, e.g. mobile phones.  It means ensuring that staff and children are protected from harm and supported to achieve the maximum benefit from the new and developing technologies whilst minimising risk to themselves or others.

The aim of promoting e-safety is to protect staff and children from the adverse consequences of access to or use of electronic media, including from bullying, inappropriate behaviour or exploitation.


The Sharp System is an easy way to report any concerns you have either at school, home or in your local community.

Examples of concerns you can report are:

·         If you are being bullied yourself

·         If you are concerned about someone else being bullied

·         If you are feeling unhappy at school

·         You are concerned about someone else’s safety

·         You are unhappy at home

·         You know someone else is very unhappy at home

If you want to report any concerns please click on the Sharp System 

We will deal with your concern in a way which will protect your identity if this is necessary to keep you safe.

It has been brought to our attention that some children have regular access to 18+ games for the Playstation / Xbox. These games are aimed at adults and therefore include inappropriate material that should not be discussed in school. 

Thank you for your continued support.

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Useful Websites

1. Learn to stay safe whilst you use the internet with Hacker and the Horrible Histories team.


2. Information about how to stay safe when chatting online, playing games with instant messaging or using your mobile.


3. Top tips from downloading software to social networking.


4. Children's activity e-safety zone.


5. If you are a clued up kid or a puzzled pensioner, there is something here to help you get the most from the internet.


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